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Leasing buzzerpicks.com is a wise decision for startups or businesses with a tight marketing budget or specific purpose. Complete the form below to contact a leasing agent and we will reply with the info you need to decide if leasing buzzerpicks.com is the best move for you.

Joint Venture Partnership

Be a part of or own a highly successful business.

BrandsTek.com is interested in a joint venture partnership with qualified candidates that meet our JV partner requirements to develop, monetize, lease, and possibly own our premium brand domain name buzzerpicks.com .
The preferred JV partner we are looking for meets the following requirements

Solid business plan to develop and monetize buzzerpicks.com
Proven software and website development skills
experience working in the business market sector that buzzerpicks.com will serve.
Solid marketing plan to promote the buzzerpicks.com website or app.
Previous business experience including business operations and growing sales, market share, and revenues.
Investment capital and can commit to lease buzzerpicks.com for a two year period.
Can deliver a Letter of Intent to acquire the brand domain buzzerpicks.com with terms and conditions as negotiated between you and AIS
BrandsTek.com experienced business team offers many benefits to our joint venture partners including

Startup business experience
Successful team for  Internet business development marketing and operations
Brand naming and Social marketing skills
Equity financing to qualified joint venture partners for buzzerpicks.com


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Startup Socialmedia business offers a place for people to voice their opinion on topics of interest to them.  And to comment on topics posted by other member authors and contributors. Membership is free and business is supported by sponsorship ads.
Owner currently seeking private equity investors with management team to take over funraising development and growth marketing duties.
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contact owner at  contact@whatSay.com